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Oct 14, 2012 2:00pm EDT
with at least one criminally assigned r.s.o. from tripoli, however, would request continued tv wide support to fill a minimum of three security positions in benghazi. so that would be a total of four, is that right? >> that's correct. >> i understand you left libya before the attacks, is that right? >> that's correct. >> we have now been told there were, in fact, five special agents in benghazi the night of the attack, contrary to the press reports. can you verify whether there were five special agents in benghazi on the night of the attack. and were there any additional armed guards on that night? could you answer those two questions, please? >> yes, sir, there were five special agents on the compound the evening of september 11, and there were three additional armed security personnel provided by the government of libya. >> now agent lamb, how do you -- i've evaluated it with nordstrom and with a senator r.s.o. that spent time there as well. i asked them to do a serious assessment of the numbers that were needed there. when mr. nordstrom and i discussed the duties of the agents out in ben
Oct 28, 2012 11:30pm PDT
a colleague at the embassy in tripoli i learned chris had a humble style of diplomacy libyans responded to after he became ambassador and returned to tripoli, the embassy posted a photo, ordering a juice in a cafe. that went viral because libyans were amazed at the site of a senior government official doing mundane activities without a huge entourage and demanding vip treatment. chris had a great knowledge of libyan history and culture. he would often crack jokes with government counter parts. not just in arabic but in the libyan dialect, which the libyans loved to hear him speak. another told me when i saw him in may as newly appointed ambassador in tripoli he had not changed, despite the promotion and accolades. he was the same guy. lingering one night after dinner to help me with a difficult table, i referred to him as sir or ambassador. he looked at me for a second, he sighs and he said i wish everyone would just call me chris. he loved the work, loved the people, but he never took himself too seriously. people talk about what a good diplomat he was. he knew how to motivate others t
Oct 23, 2012 4:00pm PDT
deployed on the streets of beirut and tripoli to stop the deadly violence which followed the blast appeared from lebanon, the bbc's middle east editor reports -- which followed the blast. from lebanon, the bbc's middle east editor reports. >> it was a violent flash point before the assassination, and after it, the guns came out again. it is an all-lebanese class in tripoli between gunmen who blame syria's regime for the assassination and president assad supporters. the fighting is also a barometer of the political and religious rivalry that is shaping a new era of politics -- that is shaping new arab politics. >> i think it is one of the most dangerous moments since the independence in 1940. the most important type of security in lebanon was assassinated in the middle of beirut. what more danger do you want? >> the army was deployed on the street here in tripoli and across the country. entrusted by the people, they are calming things, but roadblocks on the type of resolution. >> 11 on's leaders have always found a way to restore a certain kind of quiet -- 11 on -- lebanon's leaders. what ma
Oct 27, 2012 10:30pm PDT
in tripoli and then in benghazi. he walked on the street of benghazi and looked over his back and saw two people following. whereever he goes they follow him. hen he stop and he went up to them and he said hello, how are you. yeah, they speak with him. they invite for coffee. these people of course are service. maybe not to protect him in first days but see what he is doing, his contact. this is the type of government we need in this world. he didn't go to them to protest why you are following me. no, he became friends. they became friends. this is chris stevens. i really cry for my family and -- with my family for chris when they hear this news. we lost a friend. we lost a supporter and lost a hero. chris stevens is a hero and part of the libyan history. part of the libyan revolution. his name will never forget. we will never forget him. i'm sure that his name and his achievement will be part of the history. we again are sorry we cannot protect this professional diplomat who came to help us in a very critical time when we looking for friends and for support and for help. now it is time o
FOX News
Oct 28, 2012 12:00pm PDT
stake in the outcome. >> bret: april 28th, khadafy stills hold tripoli but rebels hold benghazi. christopher stevens is sent to benghazi. a car bomb explodes in front. hotel. stevens and his team decide it's too dangerous to stay there. in august they settle on a compound on the west side of the city. >> it was a rented from an owner who had a nice villa and several out buildings as. >> well andrew wood is a 24-year special forces veteran who worked on security for u.s. personnel in libya for six months before the september 11th 2012 benghazi attack. >> there is not a lot of security. it's not a fortress. >> inside the walls are four buildings, one is essentially a large residence with a number of bedrooms in it. another residence has a cantina where the staff eats. just across the way, they have a tactical operations center, filled with security staff, folks and security monitors. finally the barracks a small house by the main gate of the compound. it will house a libyan security force. >> many viewers who traveled around europe and asia probably think one of those heavily guar
Oct 22, 2012 7:00am EDT
across the country. it follows clashes in parts of the capital and the northern part of tripoli in the wake of last week's assassination of the country post-intelligencer. the great fear is that the in syria is about to engulf 11 on. 11 on remembers a 15-year civil war. now this report from beirut. >> the heaviest clashes overnight or in the northern city of tripoli. at least three people including two children reported killed. disturbances between anti- government protesters and security forces. in recent months, tripoli has been the focus of pro-syrian and anti-syrian sentiment. civil war is being played out on the streets of lebanon on. as in the capital beirut, protesters are demanding the resignation of the lebanese prime minister najib mikati. they accuse him of being unable to protect lebanon from the violence perpetrated by the syrian regime. many in lebanon accuse syria of being responsible for last friday's car bomb attack which killed a lebanese intelligence chief wissam al-hassan. his funeral, thousands of opposition protesters called for their own government to resi
Oct 10, 2012 1:00pm EDT
to travel to benghazi before the attack, could bthe security team in tripoli send additional security with him if it was necessary? >> absolutely. >> or any of those five ds agents with the ambassador in tripoli come down from benghazi? >> yes. >> that is not the same as by being in benghazi ordinarily. the still would have been two more coming down with the ambassador for a total of 7. >> we agreed that three was a sufficient number to have on the ground. one question. -- >> the cable we talked about as four agents, not five. is that right? >> which cable? >> the july cable. ask for four not 5. >> it asks for a minimum of three. at the time, we had three full- time permanently assigned agents in libya -- myself and two assistance. cut there were five on the night of the attack, is that correct? >> that is mine understanding. -- my understanding. >> mr. kennedy, right after the september 11 attack, you were up here on capitol hill giving a briefing to aides. you said this appeared to be a terrorist attack. do you stand by that? >> what i said, mr. chairman -- former chairman. >> once
Oct 10, 2012 8:00pm EDT
. nordstrom, former regional secretary officer in tripoli, he told a committee there should have been five diplomatic security agents in benghazi. in other interviews we conducted yesterday, we learned that there were five agents in benghazi on the day of the attacked. should there have been even more? we will ask him about this and i hope he will be prepared to answer this, since there have been selling allegations in the press saying that there were not. and we will ask the state department for its views as well. another witness, colonel andrew wood said he believes the military stationed in tripoli should have had term extended because of security concerns in libya. just yesterday we learned that this was extended not once but twice. should it have been extended the third time? we need to ask where else was it needed and at were its functions being fully served by others on the ground by the time it left the country? we should listen carefully to these and other allegations. we should listen just as carefully to the responses. i am disappointed to say that although the chairman claims w
Oct 24, 2012 5:30pm PDT
, critics disclosed e-mails obtained by nbc news. the first alert read, embassy tripoli reports approximately 25 people, fired shots, explosions heard as well. ambassador stevens and four embassy personnel are in the compound safe haven. it said a friendly militia was helping to fight off the attack. soon, another said it was over. the fighting in benghazi has stopped, the compound cleared. a response team on site, attempting to locally personnel later, a known terror group was said to be linked. nbc tripoli reports the group claimed responsibility on facebook and twitter and has called for an attack on nbc tripoli. the next day the same terror group denied they were involved, causing more confusion. >> you know, posting something on facebook is not in and of itself evidence, and i think it just underscores how fluid the reporting was at the time and continues for sometime to be. >> reporter: shortly before midnight on 911, another e-mail reported that the assault on benghazi had escalated. the current shelter is under attack by mortar fire, today, reports of injuries the white
Oct 14, 2012 3:41pm EDT
to tripoli. i was not able to get a response from his office. >> thank you. what time did you approach your congressperson with these concerns? >> i sent an e-mail on sunday, the 28th of september. >> fairly recently. >> guest. >> are you worried the democratic side of this aisle made several attempts, including an e-mail last weekend, trying to contact you and have some opportunity to explore the nature of those concerns you shared to possibly understand what he might be trying to testify on today, a common practice? >> i assumed the information i was giving would be shared but the entire committee at some point. >> that is why you did not respond to the e-mail from democratic staff members? >> yes. >> to pick up on mr. gordon's questioning of others on the panel, you were not encouraged or discouraged from talking to the democratic side of the aisle in preparation for this hearing? >> no, sir, it's just easier to talk to one point of contact. >> thank you. ambassador kennedy, is there an ongoing investigation into what occurred in benghazi? >> there are two ongoing investigations. one by
FOX News
Oct 21, 2012 7:00pm PDT
before wood arrives in libya. colonel moammar khaddafy is in power in tripoli. they are gaining rocontrol over much of libya. february 25th the u.s. state department withdraws all of its personnel from the capital. but six weeks later april 5th, 2011, it sends stevens with a 12 man team by charter boat to benghazi now under rebel control. as special representative to the rebels, stevens set up shop in a hotel. june 1st, 2011, a car bomb explodes in the parking lot in front of that hotel. stevens and his team decide it's too ding russ to stay the-- dano stay there. they settled on a compound west of the city. >> it was a resident from an owner who had a nice villa and several other buildings as well. >> not a lot of security? >> like any resident it is not a fortress. >> inside there are four buildings one large resident with a number of bedrooms in it. another has a can tina where the staff meets. across the way is tact kel operation center filled with offices for security staff phones and security monitors. finally the barracks a small house by the main gate of the compound. it will hous
FOX News
Oct 24, 2012 8:00am PDT
al-sharia was claiming responsibility for the attack, quote, embassy tripoli reports that the group claimed responsibility on facebook and twitter and called for an embassy attack on tripoli. these are growing evidence that raises questions about the administration's initial assessment pointed to the video and created more confusion on capitol hill. >> what bothered me and other members. intelligence committee day one we got pushback from the white house and as well as the intelligence community early on. we couldn't figure it out and it was strange because they never do that. >> reporter: this group, ansar al-sharia wants to establish a islamic state in eastern libya. later in a news conference in libya the group publicly denied responsibility though our reporting here at fox indicates the attack was a joint operation of ansar al-sharia and elements of al qaeda in north africa, jenna. jenna: catherine what is the white house response at this time? report or the early this morning the spokesman for the national security council replied in rather testy e-mail that was more of the sam
FOX News
Oct 14, 2012 7:00am PDT
was in communication in real time with washington, that the embassy in tripoli knew that the attack was grave enough, they sent people from tripoli to try to provide additional support. there was never any question from the get go that this was not some spontaneous demonstration that got out of hand. there weren't any demonstrations in front of the consulate in benghazi that day. the whole idea this has something to do with placid libyans and egyptians outraged by the video, which the president still repeated at his speech at the united nations two weeks later doesn't bear up. somebody has to come clean. i don't understand why secretary clinton isn't in the lead. these are people who worked for her who were killed and it's bad leadership, it's inadequate leadership to say we're going to way for an administrative review board for a report. she should find out what happened to her people. >> she has spoken out but you think she's intentionally trying to do that because she's got her eye on 2016? >> i don't know what the psychology is. i thought she wasn't being the party line but she's not doing anyth
Oct 24, 2012 4:00am PDT
saying the embassy in tripoli said the islamic military group ansar al sharia has called for an attack on embassy tripoli. it's a part of the ongoing political debate whether the administration attempted to mislead in saying the assault was an outburst of a protest rather than a planned attack by terrorists. 14 hours after the attack, president obama sat down with steve croft for a previously scheduled interview and he said he didn't believe it was due to mob violence. >> you're right that this is not a situation that was exactly the same as what happened in egypt. and my suspicion is that there are be folks involved in this who are looking to target americans from the start. >> the white house and state department declined comment on the e-mail alert. the white house oversight committee said the information in the emails will be part of their ongoing investigation into the benghazi attack. >>> cbs moneywatch time now on a wednesday. facebook gets a lift and the best cities to find a job. >> reporter: good morning. weak earnings reports from blue chips like dupont, u.p.s. and xerox sen
Oct 5, 2012 4:00pm PDT
of danger that they were put in. it is important to note that his plane was chartered from tripoli to benghazi to rescue those who were alive and take up the bodies as well. it does raise questions. >> how do you expect these e- mails to play out? >> as i said, it seems that the narrative that something went really, really wrong in the embassy in tripoli at the consulate in benghazi -- there were allegations that there were lapses, that security procedures were not followed correctly, that suggest the needs of the team on the ground were not met. there's a lot of politics as well. this is election season, and republicans will use this to demonstrate the obama administration's failure when it comes to believe. the state department will buy back and say they did everything they could, but some of the violence can be unpredictable. >> one way the u.s. is trying to combat terrorism is through the use of drones -- unmanned aircraft. it has been a dramatic increase in drawn strikes inside pakistan by the afghan border. the u.s. says it is targeting militants. human rights groups say inno
Oct 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
june, lawmakerr wereetold that - tripoli could not protect american interests. noodstrom s the libyan government for &psecurity, intelligence, and law ennorcemenn help to identify emerging threats or &pto ask hem for asssstance in mittgating ttose threats." emmils anddtestimony one themm dominated, official washington the number of merican security personnel at the consulate, and replacing thee with libyyn guards even after a series of attacks on dippomats. lieutenant colonee wood recentlyyoversaw military security in beeghazi .wood says, "it was apparrnt tt me that, uh,,we wereethe last were the last thing on their target list." a leadingg democrat sugggsted congress aations. ummings says, "the fact is, that since 2011 the house has cut embassy security by hundreds of millions of requested byy he resident." lawmakers were also tood that neither the u-- embassy in tripoli and nor the ccnsulate in benghazi met herridge, fox neww. nrest.. - and the dreammact has won supporrtfrom the catholic churc. church..baltimore's archbishop williim lori today spoke out in favor of the
Oct 24, 2012 4:00pm PDT
, but unclassified. the regional security officer reports the diplomatic mission is under attack. embassy tripoli reports approximately 20 armed people fired shots. explosions have been heard as well. ambassador stevens, who is in benghazi and four personnel are in the compound safe haven. 50 minutes later, a second e-mail. embassy tripoli reports that the firing of the u.s. diplomatic mission has stopped. the compound has been cleared. a response team is on site attempting to locate com personnel. then at 6:07 p.m., a third e-mail. the subject line reads update to -- al sharia claims responsibility. embassy tripoli reports the group claimed responsibility on facebook and twitter and has called for an attack on embassy tripoli. jay carney today took those e-mails and described them as open source unclassified e-mails. they also raised new questions as to why the white house waited eight kays days to label the ata terrorist attack. >> the independent accountability review board is hard at work reviewing everything. which i highly recommend as the inappropriate approach to something as complex as a
FOX News
Oct 19, 2012 7:00pm PDT
: with gaddafi gone, ambassador stephens will spend much of his time at the main u.s. embassy building in tripoli but he comes to benghazi often. the state department upgrades physical security at the property. >> he extended the height of the outer wall. >> charlene lamb of the state department. >> barbed wire. razor wire. >> inside the large residence a fortified safe haven is built. you enter through a heavy metal grill with several locks on it. >> tell me about the safe haven. >> bars on windows. bars -- building a jail cell. you are going to get inside. it's a delay. until you can get some relief. to get out of there. >> it consists of special agents and four member of the libyan government security force called the 17th february brigade. former u.n. ambassador john bolton. >> it is the responsibility of host governments to provide for security for all diplomatic establishments within their territory. from the u.s. point of view, we have to recognize that some countries are better able to do that than others. when you are in a high threat environment, we have to do what is necessary to prote
FOX News
Oct 24, 2012 3:00pm PDT
about the al-qaeda tied group by saying, "embassy tripoli reports group claiming responsibility on facebook and twitter an called for an attack on embassy tripoli." after hours after the e-mails came in the president suggested to cbs news it was not just random violence. in a clip the network did not immediately air. >> you are right, this is not a situation that was exactly the same as what happened in egypt. my suggestion suspicion is there are folk -- my suspicion is folks were involved in this looking to target americans from the start. >> raising questions why u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice claimed it was spontaneous reaction to protests over about islam film. as well as this claim by white house spokesman jay carney on september 18. our initial information, that includes all information, we saw no evidence to back up claims by others that this was a preplanned, or premeditated attack, that we saw evidence it was sparked by the reaction to the video. >> today, carney downplayed the e-mails noting they include nonclassified information called from social -- culled fr
Oct 13, 2012 11:00am PDT
that there are a bunch of protests across the middle east and tripoli and elsewhere. that's what they put out at first and it's mixed whether or not there was actually a protest at benghazi or not. in a sense it doesn't make a difference. it was a terrorist attack. >> here's the thing, congressman. i think a lot of folks would say it does make a difference because if folks who are in benghazi are asking for additional security and you've got the vice president saying, no, we didn't hear anything about this. >> let me be very clear. there's a report this morning, great article in "the new york times" that was very clear. there was security requested, but, craig, that was for tripoli, the capital of libya. benghazi is 400 miles away. the security requested was for tripoli, not benghazi. also, let me be cheer it was paul ryan who cut security funding at the state department, $300 million. it's just unbelievable. >> but it should be noted the state department said there were no budget issues with regard to security. the state department has said at least money was not the issue. i want to get your take on
Oct 26, 2012 5:30am EDT
departmenntemail that quote embbssy tripoli eporrs the grouppansar al--haria claimmd responsibility oo facebook and ttitter. while tte administration has dissiised social medii, the nly suusecc ansar al-sharia. of - second suspeet, a liibyn, has been kiiled in caaro after he rigged his apartment with explosives nd exchanged ggnfire with egyptian authortiis. fox news ps also told a third suspect is belieeed to have fought for faaing growing crutiny are o - the ciaadirector david petraeus, tthedirector of clapper and their initial ames assessments that blamed the anti-islam video. the &pcriticism noo comes from a senior republican senator. mccain ays: the talking points came from the white hosue but the white hhuse clearly had to get their information from clapper andd anything i hhve ever imagined - their se two inddviduals and agencies if tis truehhrridde says: in a letter the speaaer of the house john boehner is now pressing president obama to publicaly address questions on benghazi. ranging from relectance to provide additional security to the c
Oct 8, 2012 5:30pm PDT
service in tripoli. was he concerned about security? >> he was. he was constantly concerned about the threats to not just eimself but the entire staff shere. >> reporter: was there what you saw as a visible security drawdown during the period of time you were in libya? >> yes. it began just shortly after i ly aftd. there was pressure to reduce the rember of security people there. ro reporter: pressure from where >> higher headquarters at state department. >> reporter: over six months leading up to the attack on ambassador stevens wood says the security situation in libya deteriorated. there were 13 threats or attacks dn tripoli and benghazi. wood says ambassador stevens and wood thestaff made the case for ghteneded security in e-mails and diplomatic cables. but one by one lost three state eepartment security teams, their only airplane and eventually wood's squad, too. did ambassador stevens or a regional security officer fight ity offanother team? >> yes. >> reporter: do you feel like r:ere was a disconnect between what you saw on the ground and olks the state department folks in
Oct 9, 2012 10:00am PDT
to get to benghazi. it's still the volatile situation, too volatile, couldn't get there. i was in tripoli at the u.s. embassy for most of the day on saturday. >> what did you learn? how does that inform the hearing that you're going to hold with darrell issa tomorrow? >> you know, first thing we did, i got a little emotional. i expressed my -- how thankful i was that we were -- for their service to this nation. they had lost four colleagues had been killed, ambassador had been killed, but then i toured the facility, got a briefing, got an understanding. what i was struck with is i left with the impression that security wasn't dictating security but that politics were dictating security. for instance, i was there most all the day, never once did a single person mention a video, like it was not a factor. and it's -- it's -- what the administration was saying in the reality of what i heard on the ground were two different things. >> the administration had come to the conclusion that it was terrorist terrorism, they got it wrong in initially but what about the key question whether they overlo
Oct 24, 2012 2:00am PDT
ansal al-sharia claimed credit on facebook and twitter and called for an attack in tripoli. foreign affairs correspondent elise is with us this morning. how much do they reveal about what intelligence officials in washington knew on that particular day? >> well, zoraida, everyone admits in the fog of what's going on, what turned out what we thought the initial night didn't turn out to be what happened. but it definitely describes in realtime what the embassy thought was going on. the first e-mail, let's take a look, the subject, u.s. mission in benghazi under attack september on september 11th at 4:00 eastern time, which would be 10:00 in tripoli. the embassy reports 20 armed people fired shots, explosions have been heard as well. ambassador stephens currently in benghazi and four mission personnel are in the compound safe havens. then later an update, u.s. mission in benghazi sent a half hour later. the embassy tripoli reports the firing at the u.s. diplomatic mission in benghazi has stopped and the compound has been cleared. a response team is on the site attempting to locate com
Oct 24, 2012 11:00am PDT
. it goes on to say, embassy tripoli reports the group claimed responsibility o facebook and twitter and has called for an attack on embassy tripoli. in response, u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton said people just wait for what the independent accountability review board concludes. >> looking at everything, not cherry picking one story here, one document there, but looking at everything, which i highly recommend as the appropriate approach to something as complex as an attack like this, you know, posting something on facebook is not in and of itself evidence. >> cnn's elise labott is live for us now. this was one of several e-mails sent the evening of the attack. you heard the secretary of state talking about this is really like puzzle pieces. and this is just one of the many pieces. what are some of the other pieces? >> that's right, fred. really the first communications that we have seen what happened in real time coming from the embassy and the state department operations room, but a little bit of dig there by secretary clinton saying this was one of a lot of traffic of that night,
FOX News
Oct 24, 2012 6:00am PDT
is under attack. embassy tripoli reports approximately 20 armed people fired shots. explosions have been heard as well. ambassador steve who is currently in benghazi and four chief of mission personnel are in the come pound safe haven. the 1th of february militia is providing security support. bill: catherine herridge is in washington live with us. good morning to you. explain the significance of the e-mails we're now seeing. >> reporter: these new documents first on attend by fox appear to be the most significant we've seen to date on the libya scandal as e-mail traffic takes the real time information on the attack and of those suspected being responsible inside the white house situation room. this brings the national security advisor tom donnell lynn, the director of the national intelligence, senior intelligence official, james clapper and security advisor john brennan on the loop as they are cleared on the traffic. donilon, brennan and david petraeuses have been noticeably absent on the white house assessment of benghazi. four career military professionals would be the obvious choice
FOX News
Oct 10, 2012 8:00am PDT
staff lived and worked together at two locations in, in tripoli and embassy property in benghazi. the sst supported security movements for diplomatic officers in and around trip lowellpy and other parts of libya as their work required. on two occasions i sent sst members to benghazi to support and bolster security at that location. the ss. it was closely integrated with regular diplomatic security agents working directly for the rso as well as mobile security deployment teams. i traveled to benghazi on two occasions with the rso. ones with the rso to evaluate the security situation there and once to conduct some work for the defense attache's office. i was there a second time in june when the u.k. ambassador's convoy was attacked. i responded with ds agents in order to help provide medical and security assistance to wounded u.k. security personnel. i conducted a post-attack investigation of the ambush or assault. i regularly met with and held frequent conversations with ambassador kretz and stevens, the other and other members of the security team. in june when eric nordstrom rot
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 542 (some duplicates have been removed)